How to use Super Crystals with your potted plants.

Using water crystals for potted plants is very easy. Just mix the dry crystals in with the soil of your plant. Every time you water the plant, the crystals will absorb the extra water which would have been wasted. Over time the crystals will release this water back into the soil for the plants to drink.

This reduces the the amount of watering necessary, saving a lot of time and money. The crystals can last up to 7 years absorbing and releasing water over and over again. As the crystals expand and shrink they will actually aerate the ground as well, benefiting the life of the plant.

The amount of crystals to use can vary depending on soil type, how much rain you get, etc. A good rule of thumb, or starting point would be a couple teaspoons of crystals to a 6" flower pot or equivalent amount of soil. You can adjust the amount as necessary and to the appropriate ratio for larger or smaller areas.

You will notice amazing affects to the beauty of your plants when using water crystals!