Using Super Crystals to provide water to crickets.
Mix 1 ounce of crystals to 1 gallon of water. After about 2-4 hours, dump out the excess water and your gel is ready to use. Just place a handful of gel into a little tray or container of some sort and place that into your feeder insect container.

Your crickets (or other insects) will drink from the crystals. This will prevent them from drowning, it will also prevent mold and nasty messes. This is the same exact stuff that pet stores sell you, only ours is much cheaper because you have to add your own water.

If you make a large amount of crystals and don't get to use them before they start to shrink (due to evaporation), just add more water and they will absorb it again. These crystals can absorb water over and over again.

What size do I need?
If you are purchasing crystals for feeder insects, you don't need the colored beads which are more expensive. All you need is the regular large or medium sized water crystals.