Water Absorbing Crystals - Water Beads - Super absorbent polymer crystals.

Water beads are non-toxic water absorbing crystals which can absorb water and release it over time. They can be used for household plants, gardening, wedding centerpieces, decorative vases and even providing water to certain creatures such as feeder crickets.

Plants: You can mix the water crystals into the soil of the plants to help provide water to the plants. This allows the soil to retain the water and release over time preventing the need for so much water. Basically, you have a lot less wasted water because of our polymer crystals.

Insects: You can take the inflated crystals and place them in a dish inside your cricket container. Crickets, and other feeder insects, can drink the water straight from the polymer crystals. This prevents messes from having actual liquid in the cage. This also prevents crickets from drowning.

What can you do with water crystals?
  • Wedding Center Pieces
  • Provide water for feeder insects.
  • Creating cooling neck ties.
  • Fragrance Jars (Add Fragrance / Color).
  • Decorative Jars (Add color)
  • Add to plant soil to provide water.
  • Add to gardens to provide water.
  • Create humidity in humidors.
  • much, much more....